What are your credit and refund policies?

We’re flexible.  We understand the parents need flexibility and want the players to get the training their parents paid for:

CLASS Credit Policy:  We do not credit for past classes. Once you register your child for a roster spot in a class, they take that spot.  If you are unable to make a class during the season, please see our make-up class policy below. If you are unable to make the remainder of the season, and cannot switch to another day/class, you can request a credit by emailing jen@onevillagesports.com prior to the date of the class in which you will stop attending.  Verbal requests will not be accepted. Class credits will be approved for remaining classes in a season after the credit request email has been received, excluding the day of class in which the email is received.  (for example, if you email anytime on the day of the class, you will not be refunded for that day of class). Credits and Refunds are not provided for missed classes.  

CLASS Refund Policy:  We do not refund for past classes. In addition to our credit and make-up policy options, Active Network registration provides a refund insurance option at the time of class purchase for those parents who may need more flexibility in requesting a refund of remaining classes.  Please see Active Network for refund information. Refunds must be requested directly through Active Network after you purchase the refund insurance at the time of initial class payment.

Do you allow make-up classes?

Your child can make-up a class when class space is available on other day/time in the same class/age group in the same current season when requested by email to jen@onevillagesports.com 2 days prior to the class you wish to attend.  Please notify us before you will miss a class, and when you would like to make-up the class.  Requests must be received at least 2 days prior to the class you’d like to attend. Please do not show up to a class in which your child is not on the roster without advanced permission.  Coaches will not allow additional players if they have not been added to the class roster in advance. This policy ensures the quality of the classes by preventing roster overfill, coach-to-player ratio concerns and equipment shortage.


What is your rain policy?

We play rain or shine.  Classes and camps will only be cancelled in cases of thunder and lightning, torrential downpour during class/camp time, and unsafe air quality due to fires or other facility issues.  Notice of cancellation will be posted on Facebook as soon as class is cancelled.  And, we will email parents if class is cancelled with sufficient time to email parents (before the start of classes for the day).  If class is cancelled, we typically add an additional  class to the end of the season.  If we are unable to add a class, players can either choose to make-up the class in the same season, or request a refund or credit for that day via email to jen@onevillagesports.com within 1 week of the cancellation.  Refunds or credits will not be approved if class is running or if an additional class is added to the season.  Indoor classes will not be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Can my player bring a friend?

As long as there is room in the class, we allow a player that is new to the program to attend one free trial class.  Must be reserved in advance. Parents can contact Jen directly at jen@onevillagesports.com or request a free trial online.

Do you offer a sibling Discount?

Yes!  Of course!  It's automatic when registering your children in the same transaction in the same season and sport online.  If you are registering in the same season, but in different transactions, please contact Jen directly at jen@onevillagesports.com for assistance.

Do you offer a Military Discount?

Yes!  Of course!  We offer 10% off when parents or guardians are active military of veterans.  Thank you for your service.  Please contact Jen directly at jen@onevillagesports.com at for assistance.