What are your credit and refund policies?

CLASS Credit & Refund Policy: We do not credit or refund for past classes. Once you register your child for a roster spot in a class, they take that spot.  If you are unable to make a class during the season, please see our make-up class policy below. If you are unable to make the remainder of the season, and cannot switch to another day/class, you can request a credit by emailing jen@onevillagesports.com 24 hours prior to the date of the class in which you will stop attending.  Verbal requests will not be accepted. Class credits will be approved for remaining classes in a season, minus Active Network fee and 25% of the class fee.  (for example, if you email anytime with less that 24 hours before the class, or on the day of the class, you will not be refunded for that day of class). Credits and Refunds are not provided for missed classes or the last 2 classes of the season since you are taking the roster spot for the season.

CAMP Credit & Refund Policy:  We do not credit or refund for past camp days. Once you register your child for a roster spot in a camp, they take that spot.  We do not allow make-ups for camp days. Active Network fee is not refundable. We allow refund/credit for camp fees in 100%, minus the Active Network fee, when an email request is received at least 30 days prior to the camp start date. We allow 50% refund/credit, minus Active Network fee, when an email request is received at least 15 days prior to the camp start date. No refunds or credits with less than 15 days notice. You can request a refund by emailing jen@onevillagesports.com   Verbal requests will not be accepted. Only requests received via email will be valid.

Do you allow make-up classes?

We allow two make-up youth classes per season in classes that have space, and it must be made-up in the same season.  If there is not space in the class, please understand we cannot overfill a class.  We do not carry the make-up over to the next season.  We do not credit/refund for missed classes.  You must email jen@onevillagesports.com  24 hours in advance to report the date you are not attending, and find for the class you'd like to attend in the same season in which you are registered, choose the date and class, and request a make-up class at least 2 business days in advance by email as well.  Email only.  Please do not show up to a class without receiving email confirmation that your child will be placed on the roster.  Players not on the roster will be turned away by the coach.  We do not offer make-ups for Adult Classes unless we are running two classes per week (we usually only run one Adult class per week).  Everyone misses classes.  We are one of the only organizations that allow make-ups, let alone 2 make-ups if space is available.  Please do not wait until the last week of the season to schedule a make-up.

What is your Air Quality policy?

Outdoor programs will be rescheduled if the air quality rises to 125 or above. The decision to cancel and reschedule will be made at 2 hours prior to the program start time. Participants will be emailed.

What is your rain policy?

We play rain or shine.  Classes and camps may only be cancelled or moved in cases of thunder and lightning, heavy downpour during class/camp time, or saturated grass fields.  However, ages 18 months to age 4 may be cancelled if it is raining during class.  We may play in drizzling conditions. We wait until an hour before class to make the cancelation call.  Notice of cancellation will be posted on Facebook as soon as class is cancelled.  And, we will email parents if class is cancelled with sufficient time to email parents (before the start of classes for the day).  Classes and Camps are scheduled, unless notice of cancellation is posted.  If we move the class to an alternative location (indoor, or turf), we will email parents by 5:30pm the night prior to the class, and text if they don't respond to the email.  If class is cancelled for the day, we add an additional  class to the end of the season.  If we are unable to add a class, players can either choose to make-up the class in the same season on another day, or request a credit for that day via email to jen@onevillagesports.com within 1 week of the cancellation.  Credits will not be approved if class is running, or if an additional class is added to the season, or moved to indoor or turf.  Indoor programs, or programs with access to tents,  will not be cancelled due to rain unless otherwise notified.

Do you offer Discounts?

Multiple-Class/Game: 35% off the 2nd or more classes/games when registering in the same season for the same player.  Contact us for the coupon code.  Discount is taken off the lesser priced classes/games.

Sibling Classes - 5% off for siblings for classes in the same season.  It's automatic when registering your children in the same transaction in the same season.

Summer Camp - Multiple Week Camp - After you register for 2 weeks of Summer Camp, your 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. week of Summer Camps are 40% off if registering at least 6 days prior to the start date of the week of the camp.  Email Jen for the discount after registering for 2 weeks of camp.  Discount is taken off the lesser priced camps and for same half-day / full-day purchased equivalent.  Space is limited.

Referral - If you refer a friend (new family to OVS) and they join for more than half the season, you'll receive a $10 coupon for a future class or camp season once the referred player completes the season.  Please email Jen the players' names and parents email address in advance.

Privacy Policy

When you provide your contact information when registering or requesting a free trial class, you provide us your email address for communication for coordination of free trial, class cancellations due to weather, for season starting and ending reminders, and upcoming season announcements, unless you opt out.  If you opt out, you will need to check our website or Facebook for important season notifications---you will not receive weather cancellation notices.  We never give or sell your information to 3rd parties.   

Liability Waiver Form

Participants must complete our online Liability Waiver Form prior to participating in our programs.