Scrimmage Games with Warm-Up Lesson

Players need time to just play! Here's their chance to get out and play, to be creative and try out the skills they've learned on our classes on other days. Our instructor will run a warm-up lesson for the first 15 minutes of each session, focusing on a new topic each week (dribbling, passing & receiving, soccer moves, shooting, etc.). Then the instructor will run two 15-18 minute halves of a scrimmage game for the group. The instructor will referee the game---giving instruction as needed to both teams. The group will be split up differently each week into 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 or 7v7 depending on the amount of players in attendance. This is best for players who have attended classes in the past, or who are currently attending classes. New players should attend a season of classes prior to joining these scrimmage sessions. Pinnies (scrimmage jersey) will be provided each week to players for the scrimmage game.

We run 5 seasons each year.  Must join for the remainder of the season when joining after the season start date---we prorate for the remainder of the season!

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Register for Spring

Complete this form if you are interested in registering your child for Soccer Scrimmage Games. Must have class or camp experience.

Spring Season Sundays: Outdoor on Turf 12000 Campus Dr., Oakland

  • Ages 5-6 - 2:05pm
  • Ages 7-8 - 3pm
  • Ages 9-12 - 4pm

Get a 35% off coupon for same Spring Season Scrimmage Games when registered in a Spring Class.  Register, then email us for the discount on games.

Youth Tournaments

In addition to games, we'll be inviting players to join us for one-day recreational in-house tournaments.  And, more competitive players will be chosen to compete in local Bay Area Tournaments with our teams.  If you'd like your child to be included for these tournament invites, please contact us.  There are additional fees for these activities that are calculated depending on amount of players and tournament fees.  Volunteers are welcome, and will receive discounts accordingly.  Sponsorships are welcome.

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*One Free Trial class per player.  No free trials in the Games, Goalkeeping, Futsal Classes or Camps.