Private Group Lessons

Get your friends together and book private group lessons with a professional coach. Call 510 529-1059 to schedule and coordinate your dates, times, location and roster. Locations can be at your yard, a park or location near you. You can choose the location in the East Bay. Prices vary according to amount of players. It's $120 per plus Active Network fee for 55 minutes for 4 players, and $25 for each additional player up to 14. Must book at least 3 lessons over 3 weeks. The price is set in Active Network for the total amount for up to 4 kids plus the Active Network fee, so just contact us to split the payment among your players.


Players bring a water bottle, and bring the proper personal equipment for the lesson:

Baseball & Softball: must bring a glove, bat, helmet, batting gloves, and hat. Boys must wear an athletic cup. For outdoor lessons, must wear baseball cleats.

Soccer: must bring a ball, wear cleats or turf shoes, and soccer shin guards. Goalkeepers must bring their own goalkeeper gloves, and we recommend padded shirt and padded shorts.

Learn to Inline Skate: must wear inline hockey padded shorts.  Players will need a helmet (skating, bike, or ski helmet), elbow pads and knee pads. Wrist guards are recommended.

Inline Hockey: must wear inline hockey padded shorts.  Players will need inline hockey skates, hockey gloves, hockey shin guards and elbow pads, hockey helmet with a face cage, and hockey stick and a puck.

Basketball: Must bring a basketball and comfortable athletic shoes.

Youth Sports Lessons

Email Jen to customize your group's dates, time, location and roster to determine price.